BlackBerry Universal Device Service iPad App

Online tool carriers (e.g. AT&T) use to assist BlackBerry users (e.g. email management, device lock)


  • Contributed to every stage of the project from user experience design to UI testing
  • Conducted field studies at the call center to learn how carrier support interacts with customers and which tasks carrier support performs
  • Created interaction designs for 100+ user stories (e.g. user management, email account settings, troubleshooting, administrator roles)
  • Conducted local and remote usability testing (created users session plans, ran user sessions, collected the data, analyzed the findings, created recommendations to improve user experience, presented results of the studies to the product and development groups)
  • Presented UX proposals to product and development teams
  • Created a site map using Axure to facilitate the work of documentation and localization teams, and to use as a design reference
  • Closely collaborated with development and testing teams practicing Agile
  • Wrote user stories
  • Presented the tool to carriers